Cheese & Charcuterie Gift Set

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This platter offer to you a selection of the best of Franche-Comte:

    • 250gr of Comte that has been matured for 24 to 30 months. Nutty, full or aromas and slightly crunchy, this Comté has won more medals at the “Concours général Agricole” than any other. It has been awarded the Gold Medal for 2018.
    • 250gr of Morbier, a classic, rich and creamy cheese. The layer of blue ashes carries centuries of tradition and makes it so distinctive. It also won the Gold Medal 2018 at the “Concours Général Agricole.”
    • 250gr of Bleu de Gex. Sharp and slightly bitter, this blue respects 700 years of savoir-faire to deliver its unique flavours.
    • A 400gr saucisson, produced using noble cuts from IGP Franche-Comte porks only. It has a natural casing and is made following an entirely traditional process. Perfect for the aperitif or as part of a light lunch platter. The pigs are reared outside in the French countryside.

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