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Mustard with honey 125g

£2.80 GBP

Honey Dijon Mustard is a tasty combination of zesty Dijon and sweet golden honey.
A balanced mustard that goes with almost everything. From mixed sandwiches to chicken nuggets to classic ones like steaks or pork chops.
Made in France using premium ingredients, traditional techniques, and a time-tested recipe, this French Dijon mustard with Honey is a classic for a reason! Ideal for adding a flavorful kick to your favorite dishes, enhance everything from a humble sandwich to an expensive roast with this versatile condiment.
The mustard seeds are soaked for 2 hours before being ground. This operation, like refining, makes it possible to offer a mustard without additives or preservatives.
Particular care is also taken in the selection of ingredients for organic mustard recipes.


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