Chilli Sauces Heat: Extreme

£7.00 GBP

Bringing taste to the table every day.

We realise people aren’t after a challenge every time they eat, so our range starts at a really interesting ‘mild’ and makes it as far as ‘everyday’ hot… There’s enough choice to keep everyone happy, from the midly curious to the serious chilliheads. 140ml

Heat Scale: 4 to 5

  • Naga (tangy, naga & garlic) 140ml
  • Naga Bundle (tangy, naga & garlic) 140ml
  • Golden Bonnet (Scotch, yellow pepper & pineapple) 100ml
  • Dark Habanero (chocolate habanero, tomatoes & chipotle) 100ml
  • Fatali (chilli, lemon & spices) 100ml
  • Reaper Habanero (red pepper, reaper chilli & poaprika) 100ml
  • Trinidad Scorpion (red peppers, chilli & cider vinegar) 100ml