Fondue Savoyarde for 2

£29.00 GBP

Mix of Savoyarde Gruyère de Savoie + Beaufort d'Alpage + Abondance

La Fondue is a traditionnal winter dish, at the table, the fondue comes in a "caquelon", there is a very long fork with a round handle. You prick a piece of bread in it, more rarely a potato, which you then dip in the melted cheese. When the temperature is considered ideal, you can put the coated piece of cheese in the mouth and enjoy all its flavor.

 (~250g cheese per person)

Include: gherkins (210g), onions (210g) & baby potatoes (~400g for 2)

Option: Charcuterie 300g for 2 : (Coppa, Cured Ham 12 months, Saucisson Campagnard)