Comté Grande Réserve 15 months

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Comté that has been matured for 15 months.
Juraflore Fort des Rousses AOP Comté cheese made in Jura plain.
A very typical cheese raised according to the rules of the art
A Comté made in the Jura Massif selected from among the thirty-two fruit dairies of Fromageries Arnaud. It is then matured for a minimum of 16 months in the magnificent refining cellars of Fort des Rousses, guaranteeing an incomparable taste.
A constant temperature, perfect humidity, unique and majestic stone vaults give the Fort des Rousses Juraflore its exceptional character. For you, in the secret shadow of the cellars, the best flavors of our mountain cheeses assert themselves.
Refining: 15 months minimum (minimum refining required for the appellation)
Taste: Fruity

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